All plants are delivered in beautiful clay pots.

What we do.

Everybody loves plants. They don't just look good but enhance the air that surrounds us and drastically improve our mood. Nevertheless, plants are living creatures and growing plants needs love, time and care. Unfortunately not everybody is blessed with a green thumb that knows which plant needs what and when.

The team around Bosque is dedicated to improve the experience of owning plants. We assist you from the selection of the right plants for your environment, over safely shipping to your doorstep to further help you with plant care through our technology. We might even send you one of our gardeners to visiting your home.

What makes us unique.

Best quality plants

We only offer highest quality plants. This translates into a healthier look and longer plant life.

Only the right plants

We help you to select the right plants that will flourish in your flat and survive your lifestyle.

Safe delivery

Taking leverage by our own delivery fleet we can ensure that only healthy plants reach your home.

Personal plant assistant

Once you purchased a plant we won't just leave you to it. With our digital plant assistant we will help you growing a healthy plant that you will be proud of. From reminding you about your plants needs to solving potential problems and curing illnesses our assistent will always be by your side.

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